OnChip Introduces a New Family of Flip Chip Resistors for Consumer Electronics Application

The FCRN family is a series of Thin Film Resistors built with moisture resistant Tantalum Nitride for durability, long term stability and offers extremely tight tolerances

Santa Clara, CA – OnChip Devices announces a new family of high precision space saving flip-chip resistors. By using sophisticated thin film manufacturing technology and advanced laser trim systems, the FCRN family offers precise resistance values for applications with limited PCB space. These resistors typically range from 10Ω – 500Ω with tolerance as tight as ±0.1%. FCRN flip-chips are designed to mount according to IPC-7351 SMD and Land Pattern Standard. Each resistor is manufactured with moisture-resistant tantalum nitride and bumped with lead-free eutectic SnAgCu (SAC) alloy for RoHS-compliance. These chips are built for applications that allow resistors to be mounted on external circuitry by means of solder reflow. Flip-chips allow for SMT to move away from through-hole technology, helping to dramatically increase the PC Board density.

Shawn Merchant, Applications Engineer at OnChip Devices said, “Flip-chip resistors save space by reducing the size of the land pattern as compared to resistors with wraparound terminals. TCR (Temperature Coefficient of Resistance) values for the FCRN family are stable and as low as 25 ppm/°C for a wide temperature range from -55°C to 155°C.” With low noise and extremely precise tolerances, these resistors are ideal for medical, instrumentation, mil-aero and consumer electronics applications.

The FCRN306 chip is a 1 channel resistor in a size 0603 flip chip. It is built with a ceramic substrate and tantalum nitride resistor material. The solid ceramic substrate creates a seal around the resistor material to prevent moisture penetration. This 2 lead flip chip has a pitch of 1.2mm.



The FCRN312 chip is a 4 channel resistor network in a 0603 silicon package with a 0.4mm pitch. These resistors are available with an optional ratio match of ±0.05% for precision and tolerance of ±0.1% for accuracy.



The FCRN317 chip is a 1 channel resistor in a ceramic 0805 package with a 1.5mm pitch. Ceramic substrates are ideal for their ability to withstand high voltage pulses and provide thermal resistance from the beginning of the manufacturing process to the end life of the product.




Availability and Pricing

OnChip’s FCRN resistors can be laser trimmed to different resistor values. Non-standard values are also available. Pricing varies based on tolerance and TCR values. Samples are available immediately and production volume lead time is 6 weeks upon receipt of order.

About OnChip Devices

OnChip Devices head-quartered in Santa Clara, CA is a global leader in Integrated Passive Devices. With its own silicon fabrication facility and strong partnerships with full turn-key assembly houses in Asia, OnChip is offering state-of-the-art silicon and ceramic solutions for High-brightness LED, Computing and Consumer Electronics.