OnChip SiC0101 Press Release

OnChip Introduces World’s Smallest and Thinnest Wire-bondable Silicon Capacitors

Silicon Nitride Capacitor as small as 10 x 10 mils sq (0.25mm x 0.25mm) and thickness as low as 4 mils (0.1mm) offers excellent electrical characteristics

Santa Clara, CA, April 30, 2008 – OnChip Devices, a world leader in Integrated Passive Devices (IPD), has introduced a wire-bondable miniature silicon chip capacitor targeted for RF Microwave, Multichip Module and Hybrid Microelectronics applications. OnChip’s SiC0101 device is built on silicon with a single wire-bondable pad on the top and metallization on the backside of the chip suitable for epoxy die attach. A layer of Silicon Nitride dielectric film is sandwiched between these two metal plates to form the capacitor. OnChip’s high quality dielectric is deposited using proprietary processes to achieve capacitance values of 4.7pF to 22pF. This dielectric material offers high stability and Q values while exhibiting low temperature and voltage coefficients.

Compared to conventional RF capacitors, OnChip’s SiC0101 offers extremely stable capacitance over a wide range of frequencies from 1MHz to several GHz. Additionally, their semiconductor construction provides an ultra-high Self-Resonant Frequency (SRF) and exceptionally low Equivalent Series Resistance (ESR). Typical applications for the SiC0101 capacitor include voltage-controlled oscillators, filter networks, matching networks in modules for wireless communications including mobile phones, cordless phones, and global positioning systems.

Intended to save space while providing superior electrical performance, OnChip’s SiC0101 single-wire capacitor is only 250um x 250um (10mils x 10mils or 0.25mm x 0.25mm) in size and is available as thin as 100um (4mils or 0.1mm). Other thicknesses (6mils and 8mils) are also available in this foot print. The wire bondable top pad consists of either Aluminum or Gold metallization. Back metal is typically Gold.

OnChip recently announced miniature EMI Filter products for Mobile application as well as ESD protection diodes for HDMI and USB ports as well as High Brightness LEDs. Several other ESD and EMI filter products as well as precision resistor networks are in the pipleline.

Availability and Pricing
The OnChip SiC0101 is available immediately worldwide at a price range of $0.01 to $0.02 USD (depending on capacitance value/tolerance and the chip thickness) in quantities of 50,000. These components are designed and developed at OnChip Devices’ Santa Clara facility and are produced to the highest quality standards.

About OnChip Devices
OnChip Devices is head-quartered in Santa Clara, CA and is a global leader in Integrated Passive Devices. With it’s own silicon fabrication facility and strong partnerships with full turn-keys assembly and test houses in Asia, OnChip is offering state-of-the-art silicon and ceramic solutions for High-brightness LED, Computing and Consumer Electronics.